General Service Policies

Users agree to these policies

- You must be at lest 18 years of age to subscribe.

- No Illegal Use. This includes but is not limited to probing, attacking and/or breaking into this system and/or other systems, as well as storage and/or distribution of illegal material.

- Entropy Communication is NOT liable for any user misuse or use of this system for illegal actives that may cause damage to another system. The user will be held responsible for any such damage.

- Accounts are for personal use only.

- Accounts are for the propose for which the user has signed up for.

- Entropy Communication will not support software that users run from there account.

- No spamming!

- Be nice to other users on the system. Do not harass, mistreat or interfere with other users and their usage of the system.

- Users are responsible for their data in their home directory. Users should keep a backup of their data on their personal computer. Entropy Communication makes a weekly backup of user data but is not liable for damaged or missing user data.

- No user will interfere with normal operations of the system.

- No process(es) will consume excessive CPU or memory. An eye is kept on all processes. If a process(es) is found to be consuming excessive CPU or memory it will be killed, and user will be E-mailed about the offending process(es).

- **As it stands now there is no limit on CPU and memory usage within reason. Limits will be imposed if this is abused by users.

- Do not mistreat the admins and tech support with foul language.

- All packages are subject to change without notice.

- Service outages may happen due to upgrade of hardware or software. In most cases users will be notified in advance.

- Entropy Communication can not guarantee service due to the nature of the internet, nor is warranty made or implied by Entropy Communication for use of our system or services.

Violation of these policies can range from an e-mail to resolve the violation up to canceling of the user account without refund.
Entropy Communication reserves the right to cancel user accounts for any reason it sees fit.

Billing Policies

We accept all major credit/debit cards via Pay Pal. No personal check or cash will be taken as payment. All accounts are set up within 48 hours of time payment is received. An E-mail is sent when the account is ready. When there is a nonpayment on a billing cycle the account will be locked and the user notified of nonpayment. The account will be held locked for 15 days and if there is no response the account and data will be removed. Refund is possible within 48 hours of payment when canceling. After that there is no refund and the account will remain active until the next billing cycle when it will then be removed and the user data deleted. No other type of refund is given. Accounts are nontransferable to other parties.

Private Policy

Personal information given to Entropy Communication is used for billing and support purposes only. (See Pay Pals Private Policy page if paying by credit/debit card.) Personal information will never be given or sold to a third party. Entropy Communication will only release personal information under court order to do so.


Users are responsible for their own password. Keep your password safe. Never give out your password. No one at Entropy Communication will ever ask for your password. For new accounts, change your password upon first logon. Though we do not enforce password change it is a good idea for users to change their password from time to time.

Please Email with any questions about these policies.

Change on this page can be made without notice. Users are responsible to keep themselves up to date with the information on this page.

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